Use Wufoo’s Online Application Forms to Streamline How You Do Business

Wufoo has online application forms, including job applications, grant forms, and even college applications.  You can even allow people to upload documents to the form.

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By: Johan Lieu

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Use Wufoo’s Online Application Forms to Streamline How You Do Business

Ever lost or misplaced an application from a job candidate or from someone applying for a grant? If so, we know you’ll appreciate Wufoo’s online application forms, which live happily in the cloud where they won’t get lost or damaged. Your applicants will love the convenience of applying online, and you’ll have an improved method of organizing submitted applications. Whether you need applications for an employment position, a grant, or even a mortgage, Wufoo has pre-designed templates ready to go. Take a look:

Employment Applications: If your company is like most, you probably advertise open positions on your website. Give people the chance to apply for one of those positions by grabbing our online Employment Application Form and embedding it into your website (alternatively, you can email it to applicants). The form contains standard employment application questions, such as address, position applying for, and salary desired. It even includes a field for people to upload their resume. Customize the form to your liking, or use it as is!

Grant Application Form: When your organization is in the business of offering grants to individuals or non-profit organizations, you’ll find our online Grant Application Form especially handy. Allow interested parties to apply directly on your website with our pre-designed form. The form collects information such as project scope, how the grant money will be used, the amount requested, and it has an upload field so applicants can send additional information. The form allows space for applicants to write in answers, and you can customize the questions to fit your needs.

College Application Form: Is your college or university flooded with applications from interested students who want to enroll at your fine institution? Set up our College Application Form on your website so that students can apply online. With an online form, you can set your system to categorize the responses to determine eligibility. The online format saves both students and your staff time. Our form will give you a comprehensive picture of a student’s background, including the extracurricular activities they participated in, community service work they’ve done, and their high school information.

Mortgage Application Form: Need to pre-qualify mortgage applicants quickly? Have we got the form for you! Embed our Mortgage Application Form into your website, or email it to interested home buyers. Find out the estimated loan amount, location of property, a person’s employment history, income, credit score, and contact information. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to contact the applicant and determine whether your mortgage products would be a good fit.

Include Dropbox upload options on your application forms for those large files

If the Wufoo application form you choose requires users to upload some large documents, no worries. Just use our Dropbox Upload Form, and give applicants an easy way to send you those mega files. It’s perfect for grant forms that require a lot of documentation, job application forms that include a portfolio, or for the mounds of paperwork that mortgages require.

Ensure those forms are filled out properly

There’s nothing more frustrating than receiving an application that’s improperly filled out, therefore disqualifying it for both the applicant and you. Prevent this by taking advantage of Wufoo’s Field Validation feature. If users miss a section, put in an invalid field, or don’t complete the minimum word requirement that you set up, the applicant will get a prompt notifying them to add the missing field. Plus, we take care of all of the database work and validation scripts on the backend, so you don’t have to be a programmer or have coding knowledge to set it up.

Create a free Wufoo account and give us a whirl

Curious to test Wufoo out before you sign up? That’s a great idea. Create a free Wufoo account, and test out all of our amazing features. With a free account, you’ll be able to try us out with 1 free user, 3 forms, 3 reports, and 10 fields. Create a beautiful form, complete with your organization’s branding and colors, and give our program a test drive. We just know you’re going to love it. We have numerous options for paid plans, based on your organization’s needs. Give us a try today!

Still curious how Wufoo works?

Wufoo is an easy-to-use online tool that allows anyone to create and build online forms–no coding or programming required. And Wufoo hosts and stores everything, so you don’t have to worry about where your forms or data will live.

You can completely customize the look and feel of your forms using our Theme Designer by choosing colors to fit your brand or theme, as well as adding your company’s logo or your wedding colors to your forms. You can even use one of almost 300 form templates in our Form Gallery to jump start creating your forms, or look at our Examples to see how you can use Wufoo in your company.

Wufoo partners and works with loads of other applications, allowing you to accept data and information through your forms and send it other applications that your company uses. We have integrations with applications like MailChimp, Dropbox, Zapier, Salesforce, WordPress, and more.