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School Safety Survey

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With so many shocking stories in the news today, school security assessment officials, school administrators, and government officials have to work together to stay focused on maintaining school security and preventing potential threats. Use our customizable online School Safety Survey to understand the existing security and safety practices for your school and figure out any possible gaps in your school's current security plans.

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Find out how safe students, administrators, and staff really feel at your school. Is it safe from gun violence? Are the classrooms safe? Is a plan in place to deal with an armed intruder? Are students likely to bring a firearm to school - and do they even own one? Are firearm safety training and/or concealed carry classes readily available in your school, district, or state? Are armed police on site at your school? How do people truly feel about having armed support at their school? Use the responses to our online questionnaire to analyze and refine your school's safety measures today.

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