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Substance Use Disorder Counseling Referral

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Substance use disorder is one of the greatest concerns in our society today - especially among students. Share our online Substance Use Disorder Counseling Referral with your staff and student body so that they can refer fellow students who they believe have or are in danger of suffering from addiction. Provide prompt and appropriate guidance and counseling - or if necessary, referral to a rehab center for more in-depth treatment. Our online form can be fully customized to meet the particular needs of your school or student body.

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Whether you are a school administrator, school psychologist, school counselor, or school teacher, you have probably witnessed the damage that substance use disorder can have on your students and their families. Use our online Substance Use Disorder Counseling Referral template to solicit referrals regarding students that may be struggling with addiction. Collect the name of the referring party, their contact information, and the referred student's name and age. Get a full description of the addiction history and/or specific concerns. Swift action can make all the difference in a student's life!

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