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Consent to Online Therapy Form

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Online therapy today is a swiftly burgeoning business. As the acceptance of mental health concerns has grown, more and more people are seeking help from online therapists, online psychotherapists, and online psychologists. Use our premade Consent to Online Therapy Form to protect yourself and allow your patients to legally and safely receive the online help they need.

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Our online medical consent form asks your patients to provide their informed consent for online therapy. Our ready-made form reviews their rights regarding telemedicine and asks them to provide their consent along with their full name and the date. Best of all, customize your form as needed to provide specific details regarding the proposed treatment type, add disclosures required by state law or the regulations of a specific licensing board, or to simply adhere to your own personal code of ethics. In today's litigious world, having a signed, informed consent form is an absolute necessity before you begin any type of therapy online!

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