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Whether you happen to be a wedding DJ, local DJ, or party DJ, you need a simple way to gather leads from prospective customers. Use our online DJ Planning and Inquiry Form to get essential information from people interested in having you play at their wedding reception, engagement party, birthday party, or corporate event. All you have to do is embed our online form in your website to get qualified leads, follow up, and keep yourself or your company fully booked!

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Get potential customers to specify all of their requirements for your services, and then prepare to make them a winning proposal. Find out the date of the event, location, directions, time guests will arrive, detailed contact information, and the order of events. Ask about what audiovisual equipment they'll need and appropriate attire. Let customers provide you with specific musical requests for each portion of the event, as well as letting you know if there are any songs or styles of music they'd like you to avoid. You'll get enough information to create a customized agenda and win the job!

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