A Wufoo Powered Individual

Doesn't need a degree in computer science or an IT department to collect and organize information and payments over the Internet.

Anybody Can Do It. Really.

We've seen a grandmother go from signing up to sharing a form with her co-workers and collecting data in literally minutes. As powerful and feature-rich as Wufoo is, we are committed to making Wufoo simple to use. And that's not just us talking.

Are You a Freelancer?

Running your own freelance business is hard. You need to be as efficient as you can be with your time in order to make it work. Coding your own forms, even simple ones, can be a tremendous time sink. Why bother, when creating forms with Wufoo is so quick, easy, and powerful?

You can set up all your clients on one single Wufoo account, which keeps things organized and economical. If you need to give your clients access to their own forms and data, our User Management system to get them access.

Just For Fun!

Building Wufoo forms is so easy, it's fun! You could use Wufoo forms to poll your blog readers on their favorite 80's sitcoms. You could build a form to send to your friends to join your just-for-fun Superbowl pool. You could create a form for your extended family to submit their best recipies to help you create a family cookbook.

Even though these forms are just for fun, they still come with all the cool features of Wufoo. That means the 80's sitcom poll could show public results, the Superbowl pool form entries could go right to your cellphone, and the cookbook recipies could easily be exported to a spreadsheet.

Your Forms, Your Style

Our Theme Designer can help you create stunning themes to match your personal style and apply them to your payment forms, reports and invoices. You can even use your own custom graphics. Advanced users can take full control of the design by applying their own CSS.

For Your Own Website

Already have a personal website? Nice! Wufoo forms can be embedded directly onto it with some simple copy-and-paste code. Your custom theme will come along for the ride, as will all the features of a form hosted on Wufoo.com

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Collect Donations

Speaking of your personal website, do you have a way to collect donations? Don't be shy, you're worth it! Wufoo can make the donation process much cleaner and more inviting for your potential donators.

If you've got an account with PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, USA ePay or FreshBooks you can start collecting online orders without having to fuss with complicated APIs and documentation.

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