Wufoo vs. Jotform: Feature Comparisons

Wufoo is a great Jotform alternative. Create powerful online forms. Compare Wufoo vs. Jotform to see for yourself.

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Wufoo vs. Jotform: Feature Comparisons

Wufoo’s the expert in online forms. See how Wufoo and Jotform compare.

Perhaps you’ve heard about this internet-company-thing called Wufoo, but you’re not entirely sure what they’re about. That’s perfectly okay. Wufoo is one of those companies that many other companies use to help their businesses–companies such as Microsoft, Best Buy, Amazon.com–to name a few. In essence, Wufoo builds the forms and surveys that many of these companies use in their websites, email campaigns, and corporate communications.

However, you don’t have to be a ginormous company to use and love Wufoo! We are a platform for creating forms for any organization of any size. Our forms are customizable, beautiful, and super easy to set up–no coding required! So whether you need to create a contact form, collect payments online, or send out an invite for a birthday bash, we’ve got you covered.

But perhaps you’d like to do some comparison shopping. You’ve also heard of this company called Jotform, and they help with creating forms, too. So what’s the difference? Well, we’ve saved you the legwork and created a features comparison for you. See whether Wufoo alternative Jotform or Wufoo better meets your needs.


Wufoo: How did people arrive on your site? Why did they leave before completing a form or survey? How are your payment forms working? If you’ve been losing sleep over these questions, count sheep no more. Take advantage of Wufoo’s Report Builder function, which lets you analyze your data–your way. Choose from graphs, charts, numbers, text, or data grids. Mix and match. Choose your colors! Whatever makes your life easier when it comes to data crunching, chances are, Wufoo has already thought of it.

For even more advanced analytics, see how your payment forms are performing with our Payment Integration Features, and use Form Analytics when you want to see pageviews, conversion rate, error rates, or even submission times.

Jotform: Wufoo alternative Jotform uses a system called Formalytics to help you crunch your data. Set up filters to sort through your forms–available filters include demographic filters, email filters, and answer-related filters.

Logic and branching

Wufoo: Let’s say that someone is filling out one of your forms, but a question doesn’t apply to them. Instead of making them skip through a bunch of questions, why not just set up the form with a logic feature, so that “if” they answer a certain way, the form automatically directs them to another question? Brilliant, right? Wufoo makes it simple to build in logic and branching features to any form you create.

The Rule Builder feature makes customizing the forms based on the user a snap. In addition to setting up question logic, you can arrange the form to show and hide fields, skip pages, or have the form email specific people based on selections they make while filling out the form.

Jotform: This Wufoo alternative just came out with a conditions and branching feature in their Jotform 3.0 version, which allows you to show or hide questions and skip pages.

Account management

Wufoo: Think of Wufoo as a personal assistant–there to help out if you need to downgrade or upgrade your account settings, based on the access and type of traffic you’re receiving. On the Account Manager Dashboard, you can even see a visual of your invoices, and we’ve built in an app so you can easily forward them to your accounting department. Get a complete picture of your account through the Account Manager dashboard, and never be left wondering!

Jotform: Allows you to log into your account and change your settings, including upgrading, downgrading, or canceling your account.

Intuitive drag ‘n drop form building

Wufoo: Not a web builder or developer? No problem. You don’t need to hire one to use Wufoo, and you don’t need to fear a learning curve associated with mastering a desktop database app.

With Wufoo’s Form Builder, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to easily drag and drop the elements you want in your form, so you can create it and have it live–in minutes! If you do enjoy coding, developers love the WebHooks and REST API integrations we offer, so you can have total control over your data.

Jotform: The Wufoo alternative allows for drop and drag functionality. Once you build your page, you then need to copy the code to your website, and the form will be live.

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