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Every vote counts--the latest election, voter registration was at an all-time high with 200 million voters registered in the US! Still, there are many people and groups who want more information on voter registration behavior. So if you're interested in figuring out why registered voters didn't rock the vote on election day, or if you're trying to predict voter turnout in a local election, use our voter registration behavior form template to find out.

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Did you know each state runs its elections independently, so there's no single national database of voter registration information available? Get your own voter data with our customizable voter registration survey template to tap into registered voter trends and predict turnout in your area. Our voter registration questions include whether or not a person is already registered to vote and in which state. The online voter registration form also asks whether they're registered as a Democrat, Republican, or other party. Best of all, the form is fully customizable, so you can add additional questions in order to gather the most complete picture of voter registration behavior possible!

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