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Fundraising Ideas

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Put the í¢ä‰åñfuní¢ä‰åŒ back in fundraising by finding out how people in your club want to raise money. Easily send this online fundraising ideas form template to teammates, nonprofit members, or just about anyone else to collect creative ideas for fundraisers and come to a consensus. Whether it's increased dues, product sales, a talent show, interactive carnival, or other event, the more people you have on board with the plan, the more success you'll have!

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Our straightforward fundraising ideas online form lists a number of fundraising options including increased membership fees; sale of calendars, seasonal products, food, logo items, or magazines; and events including a picnic, dinner, theater show, sports event, dance, celebrity event, or auction. You can add or subtract possibilities to fit your specific organization, customizing the form to perfectly suit your needs. Respondents can rank each idea from 1 to 5, from strongly opposed to strongly in favor of the idea. Our fundraising suggestion form even goes on to ask about individual opinions on advertising and implementing your fundraising campaign. All you need to do is tally the results and start planning!

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