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Student competition can be incredibly serious, and the stakes today are higher than ever. If you need to provide a form for students to submit their research papers for consideration for student grants or presentation in a symposium or conference, then you probably want the simplest method possible to make your job easier. Use our online Student Paper Submission Form to collect the basic details of each student's submission for student research conferences and other competitive occasions, so that you can keep an accurate, easily-accessible record.

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From research papers and conference papers to scientific papers and engineering papers - whether for student research symposiums, awards, or conferences - our customizable online template makes submissions simple. Students just provide their name, email, student ID number, date of submission, and the title of research paper. Even include room for a detailed abstract of their paper and a certification of originality, along with other customizable fields you can add as needed. Students then attach their research paper with their submission, and you can quickly and effortlessly collect your pool of candidates!

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