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Are a delight to attend because everyone has the information and payments they need to focus on the day at hand.

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Event Planning with Wufoo

Wufoo makes planning events easier by helping you gather all the information you need from potential attendees. Hopefully your event will be as fun as building the form will be!

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Typical Event Planning Meeting

Event planning meetings can make even the most seasoned web designers sweat. Input on how registration should work is flying around the room, and you know there will be loads of changes after it is built.

With Wufoo, you can keep your cool. Complex forms are easy to build and just as easy to update.

Next time you are at an event planning meeting and the questions start flying, you'll be able to say "No problem."

Already have a website for your event?

Excellent! Wufoo forms can be embedded on any website with all the power and functionality they have anywhere else.

Not only can you embed forms, but you can control how they look. The theme designer has a huge variety of built-in themes or allows you to easily create your own theme. For the advanced web designers out there, you can specify an external stylesheet and take complete control with CSS.

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Get your event planners
what they need.

You and the people planning your event need data. Wufoo's Report Builder makes that easy to provide with beautiful visual reports anyone can use and understand. Twenty five people want beef, fifteen for chicken, seven vegetarians. Got it.

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Instant Notifications

Submissions to your Wufoo forms can generate notifications. Notifications can be emails (to as many addresses as you would like) or SMS messages. For advanced users, Wufoo can even notify your own web applications or integrate with other popular web services.

Make Your
Forms Smarter

Sometimes forms aren't a one-way street. You may need to ask questions that are dependent on answers to other questions. Are you a vegetarian? Yes? Are you vegan? No sense asking the second question when the first answer is no.

Wufoo accomodates logical branching like this, as well as other "rules" to guide your forms flow. These things can a nightmare to code yourself, now made easy with the power of Wufoo.

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Collect Payments
on Registration

Wufoo forms can help you collect money from people registering for your event. Connect Wufoo with trusted third-party merchants like PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, and more. Integration is easy, no messing with complicated APIs or documentation.

In just a few minutes, you can be accepting payments for your events without having to write a single line of code!

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