The Current State of HTML5 Forms

The reset Type

<input type=reset>
<input type=reset value="Clear Form">

Live Demo

Uncheck me
Click me
Type something in
Then reset the form
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The Low Down

The reset input type creates a button that resets the form to the default values.

  • If the value attribute is present, the value of that attribute will be the text on the button. If not, the default wording on the reset button is "Reset".
  • The reset button brings the form back to it's initial, default state. It doesn't necessarily clear the form: if the form was initially blank, it will be cleared. If, by default, any data was pre-filled, checkboxes checked, etc, the original values will be reset when the button is clicked.
  • If the user checked a radio button, the reset button is the only non-programmatic way of deselecting the same named radio button group.
  • The name attribute is not necessary as the name and value of the reset are NOT submitted along with the form.
  • While the form attribute is valid, since it resets the form, many attributes like autocompletedirname,formaction, formmethodformenctypeformnovalidateformtarget, and inputmode are not valid for the reset button.