The type Attribute

The Current State of HTML5 Forms

<input type="text" placeholder="(555) 555-5555">
<textarea placeholder="Smurfberries<"/strong>></textarea>

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The Low Down

The type attribute defines which type of input control to display and, depending on which type is included, provides for some validation in supporting browsers.

  • The default type is text, displaying a single-line text field, if the type is set to text or if the attribute is not specified.
  • Other values include:
    • button, displaying a button with no default behavior.
    • checkbox, which displays a check box.
    • color provides a control for specifying a 6-digit hexadecimal color,
    • date provide a GUI for entering a date with year, month, and day, but no time).
    • datetime is similar to date, but also provides for entering a time based on UTC time zone,
    • datetime-local is like datetime, but with no time zone.
    • email provides a single line text field for editing an e-mail address accepting a single valid e-mail address or multiple comma separated email addresses is the multiple attribute is present, providing an email friendly keyboard on devices that have dynamic touch keyboards,
    • file provides a control that lets the user select one or more files, including capturing audio, images and video,
    • hidden is control that is not displayed to the user, providing a way of submitting hidden name/value pairs to the server.
    • image allows the developer to create a graphical button with jpegs, pngs, svg or gifs,
    • month provides control for selecting a numeric month and year,
    • number provides a control for entering a number, with a spinner number selector in some browsers, and a numeric keyboard on devices that have dynamic touch keyboards,.
    • password provides for a single-line text field whose value is obscured,
    • radio creates a radio button of which only one in a same value named radio button group can be selected at a time,
    • range is for imprecise number-input, providing a slider control,
    • reset displays as a button that resets the contents of a form to its default values.
    • search provides a single-line text field for entering search strings, that sometimes has rounded corners and/or a control within the text box to delete the contents,
    • submit display a button that submits the form.
    • tel provides a single line control and a telephone keypad on devices that have dynamic keyboards,
    • time provides a control for entering a time value with no time zone,
    • url provides a text field requiring a protocol and displaying and an URL friendly keyboard on devices that have dynamic touch keyboards,
    • week provides a control for entering a week number and year with no time zone.