The submit Type

The Current State of HTML5 Forms

<input type=submit>
<input type=submit value="Click Me to Submit Form">

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The Low Down

The submit input type is used to create a button that submits the form.

  • If the value attribute is present, the value of that attribute will be the text on the button. If not, the default wording on the submit button is “Submit”.
  • Include the name attribute if you want the value to be submitted with the form: the values of the name and value attributes, if both are present, are submitted with the form.
  • The submit event handler will occur on form submission: but that is on the form, not on the button itself.
  • If you want to prevent constraint validation, include the  formnovalidate attribute.
  • Include the formenctype to override the form’s MIME type.
  • Include the formmethod attribute with get or post to override the form’s method of submission.
  • The formaction attribute allows you to override the form’s actionattribute.
  • The formtarget attribute allows you to set the browsing-context for the form response.

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