Formstack vs. Wufoo: Feature Comparisons

Wufoo is a great Formstack alternative. Create powerful online forms. Compare Wufoo vs. Formstack to see for yourself.

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Formstack vs. Wufoo: Feature Comparisons

Wufoo’s the expert in online forms. See how Wufoo and Formstack compare.

So…what’s Wufoo? Good question! Wufoo is a platform that helps you create forms online. Our forms are beautiful, they’re customizable, and they’re super intuitive to create. Plus, we have tons of add-ons. Whether you’re a rockstar developer and programmer, or a hobbyist who dabbles in websites, Wufoo has something for you.

Formstack is another service that specializes in form creating, so if you’re wondering which service will fit your needs, we’ve come up with a comparison chart for you.

Instant notifications

Wufoo: In business, time is money, right? With Wufoo, never miss a beat with instant notifications. Whether it’s a lead, payment processed, registration, or new data inputted, Wufoo will let you know instantly through emails, text messages, or even a secure RSS feed. Customize dynamic reports to control the type of notifications you receive.

Formstack: This Wufoo alternative allows you to check how your data is performing on its mobile app. You can look up submissions and stats when you’re curious how your registrations or campaigns are doing.

Available templates

Wufoo: Not in the mood for coding? No problem. Chances are, if you need a form or survey, Wufoo has created it. We have more than 300 templates and themes (and counting) for you to choose from.

Formstack: As an alternative to Wufoo, Formstack offers 24 pre-designed templates to choose from, ranging from surveys to contact forms.

Data analytics

Wufoo: When you’re running a complex campaign, collecting payments, or running a survey program, you need to understand how people come to your site, if they leave the form filling-out process before completing it, and how your payment forms are performing. With our powerful Report Builder, you can choose the types of visuals that are most helpful for your analytics. Choose from graphs, charts, numbers, text, or data grids. Easily add, mix, and match them up in your report. Additionally, when you use our Payment Integration Features, our Report Builder will show you how your forms are performing. Track views, submissions, and conversion rates. Then, choose whether you’d like to make your reports public or keep them password protected.

Want to dive even deeper with your data? Take advantage of the Form Analytics feature,
which shows you pageviews, conversion rates, error rates, and gives you submission times so you can understand at a deep level how your forms are performing by region and platform.

Formstack: Allows you to track your data through charts and graphs, and you can integrate your information with Google Analytics to track page views. Their program shows you why people leave a page, and it gives you the ability to track unique views and conversion rates.

Logic and branching

Wufoo: You don’t need to have coding skills to set up logic and branching features on Wufoo. With our Rule Builder, make your forms dynamic, and set them up to change based on the user’s answers to the questions. Show and hide fields, skip pages, or even have the form email specific people based on selections they make while filling out your form. If you can write sentences, you can set up logic and branching in Wufoo–we promise!

Formstack: As an alternative to Wufoo, Formstack offers a conditional logic field which allows you to let users skip questions that don’t pertain to them. Use their feature to show and hide questions, so that users won’t abandon the page if the questions don’t apply to them.

Account management

Wufoo: Why should forms and surveys be difficult to incorporate into your organization’s workflow? We mean, really, who needs those extra steps? With Wufoo’s Account Manager Dashboard, quickly upgrade or downgrade your account with a single click, according to your current data needs. Then, see a visual of your invoices, which you can easily forward using our app, so they’ll go straight to your accounting department. They’ll love you for it.

Formstack: Formstack allows anyone registered as a Manager or Team Plan user to use their approval feature. Registered users in the system can go in and make adjustments to the plans.

Pricing plans for multiple users

Wufoo: Interested in setting up Wufoo for your company to utilize? Sign up for our Ultimate Plan, and 60 people in your organization will have access to Wufoo. Set up permissions, and give people the freedom and flexibility to work within Wufoo’s programs. With the Ultimate Plan, you have an unlimited number of forms you can send out, unlimited reports, 200,000 entries a month, integrated payments, and 20GB of storage. What a plan! And, it’s only $249.00/month.

Formstack: Formstack offers a plan for teams, as well. With Formstack, 10 users in your organization will have access to the forms, and they can use up to 1,000 forms, with 100,000 submissions a month. Their storage plan is 10GB, and the price for the Teams plan is $249.00/month.

Pricing plans for the individual user

Wufoo: Are you the lone ranger in your company using Wufoo? Do you use Wufoo to set up forms for you own personal use? Regardless of the reason, we offer a great value for individual accounts. For just $19.00/month, get our full SSL encrypted security package, and you even get 5 trial payments, so that you can collect money through the forms you set up.

Formstack: For individual account users, Wufoo alternative Formstack has a package that starts at $39.00/month. The package includes 508 security compliance, and it has 1GB of storage.

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