Transferring Form Submissions into a Local SQL Database

How to Get Data from a Wufoo Form Submission Into Your Local SQL Database.

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Transferring Form Submissions into a Local SQL Database

Are you looking for a way to transfer Wufoo form submissions directly to your database? If so – good news! There are two ways to go about setting it up. We’ll explain.

Option 1:

The easiest way is to send a HTTP post of the data to a URL that you designate. The URL location will receive the information and store it in your database. You’ll still have to do some programming on your end, but it’s fairly straightforward. We’ve written a helpful article that shows you how to use the webhooks integration to set it up.

Option 2:

The second option would be to use the submit API – but this will require more work on your end.

Transferring the form data to your database will give you added flexibility in how you store and use the Wufoo data, and your data will still be saved on Wufoo!