The Wufoo PHP API Wrapper

Introducing the new Wufoo PHP API Wrapper.

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The Wufoo PHP API Wrapper

By Tim Sabat

The REST API Has Graduated!

First things first, we are happy to announce that we are removing the Beta status of our new REST API and have cleared it for production use. In the past few weeks we’ve received some really useful feedback, which resulted in a few changes to its structure. With these tweaks in place, we anticipate no further changes and feel that the API is ready for the big time. Woo hoo!

New API Wrapper

As a sort of graduation present for the REST API, we’re releasing a Wufoo PHP API Wrapper today. The wrapper is a set of PHP files that contains functions to help developers get a jump start on their projects requiring programmatic access to Wufoo. The wrapper will help you interface easily with Wufoo’s REST API and spare you the bother of needing to learn how to use cURL, decoding JSON or creating usable data structures.

All you have to do is download the code, include the Wufoo API module, and then begin making calls like this:

$wrapper = new WufooApiWrapper('SVDE-112F-EE4E-A149', 'mysubdomain');
return $wrapper->getUsers();

While we feel confident that the API wrapper can be used in your projects without issue (the methods that are in there will not be changed), we may improve the underlying code over time. We hosted the code on github so you can browse the source or download it for your own use.

We do intend to maintain this wrapper at feature parity with the V3 REST API. This means that when we add POST methods (or any other goodies) to the API, they’ll appear in the wrapper shortly after. As always, have fun and we hope enjoy the new PHP API wrapper!