Send Custom Confirmation Emails to Users Based On Rules

Use field rules to send custom confirmation emails to your customers based on their data.

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Send Custom Confirmation Emails to Users Based On Rules

By Kevin Hale

When we launched the Rule Builder last year, we made it really easy to send a notification email (or copy of the user’s data ) to a specific email address based on logic you specify for you form. While this was great for creating fancy lead generation forms to send the data to the right person in your office, some of you wanted us to help you take it to the next level.

And so earlier this week, we added some bells and whistles to the Form Rules section of the Rule Builder to allow you to send a completely customized confirmation email to your users filling out your form based on the data from their submission.

![Customize Confirmation Emails with Rules by Wufoo](//

You can adjust the name, reply-to email, subject and message of the confirmation email. Additionally, you can also choose whether or not to include a copy of the entry to show the user what they entered into the form. Templating can be used to include dynamic data entered from the form in the email like the user’s name and address.

To use this new feature, you’ll just need to make sure there’s an email field on your form. Once you have that, you can customize the confirmation email sent by your form to that email field. Please note that this behaves just like the notification email rules and will override any current confirmation email settings in the Form Builder if that rule is proven as true.