Hide the Name of the Wufoo Form on Your Custom Design

If you want your website page to display just your info, and not the Wufoo form name and description, we’ll show you how to hide it.

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Hide the Name of the Wufoo Form on Your Custom Design

Show the Security of Your Forms by Following These Tips

Form security gives your users peace-of-mind that the data they submit through our programs is safe. Our forms (even non-paid plans) are secure, even if the lock icon doesn’t appear to your users. If you’d like to include the lock icon on your forms to give your users assurance that their forms are secure, read on to learn how.

How to show the site is secure

If you’re using a form from https://yourname.wufoo.com/forms/test/, you will see a lock icon, and the submitted data is protected by SSL. However, say you choose to embed an iFrame on your site – you’ll still have the exact same security, but the lock icon won’t appear. Here are some tips to show that the forms are secure:

  1. Buy a single SSL certificate (they’re inexpensive to purchase) – you can purchase them through GoDaddy or similar sites. Once purchased, the lock icon will show up.
  2. Send users to your form by using your Wufoo subdomain. The security lock is visible on this page.
  3. Include your own note on the form that says all submissions are protected by 128 SSL encryption.

We hope these tips can help you bolster your users’ confidence!