Preview Prices on Wufoo Payment Forms with Running Total

Show your customers a running total and make their purchasing experience better.

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Preview Prices on Wufoo Payment Forms with Running Total

By Kevin Hale

Oh man, do we have a good one for you guys today! Over the last few weeks, we’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new payment feature we’re calling Running Total that will preview the prices of the selections your users make on your forms and include the total cost of the purchase before they have to submit the Wufoo form. Here’s a video breakdown of the new feature:

This feature works with all payment enabled fields like Dropdowns, Multiple Choice Fields, Checkboxes and Price Fields. We even made everything work with Negative Price Values (they show in red on the form), so you can show discounts and even coupon values right there on your form as they fill it out.

The running total UI will show to the right of the fields with the total amount at the top and the individual priced items associated with the options selected beneath it. The running total will also stay at the top of the web page if the form is a long vertical form that requires scrolling by the user. This allows it to always be seen without having to scroll back to specific place on the page. Field Instructions, however, will show over the Running Total element to ensure that users still have access to info they need to fill out the form properly. For those who like to play, we’ve created a live running total example vis a vis an Office Order Party Form to show off the goodness:

Running Total in Action

Running Total is available to all paying users with access to payment enabled features. It’s enabled by default on all new payment forms and can be easily turned on for existing forms under each one’s Payment Settings. The feature is also available to be used with all of our merchant integrations except for Chargify. Thanks go out to Chris and Alex for making the magic happen on this one. We hope you enjoy showing prices live to your users!