Learn How to Hide the Wufoo Form Name on Your Website Page

If you want your website page to display just your info, and not the Wufoo form name and description, we’ll show you how to hide it.

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Learn How to Hide the Wufoo Form Name on Your Website Page

Do you have a customized page with your own title or header that interferes with the Wufoo form title and description? If so, you’re probably wondering if there’s a way to hide the Wufoo form name so that you can keep your design clean and consistent.

You’re right to wonder. And there is a way to do this. Here’s how.

Hiding the Wufoo form name on your webpage

There are a few ways to go about hiding the Wufoo title and description. The easiest method is with a parameter in the embed snippet. Here, you’ll change the header parameter from “show” to “hide.” Want a step-by-step breakdown? You got it.

  1. Go to the Code Manager.
  2. Here you’ll see that the JavaScript Embed Snippet contains a new parameter called “header.”
  3. Change the setting to “hide” and the embedded snippet will show a form with no header. It should look like this:

This being programming, there is a second method, of course.

How to hide the Wufoo form name using the custom CSS

Another way to hide the Wufoo form name and description is to use the Theme Designer’s custom CSS feature. Insert the CSS rules so the elements are hidden on the form. To do this, just upload your own CSS file to your web server with the following CSS rules:

.wufoo .info{display:none}

Finally, in the Theme Designer, specify the URL to your CSS file in the custom CSS option, and bam! The title will be hidden.