Total Up Item Quantities by Using a Drop Down Feature

Learn how to create a workaround that will calculate unknown quantities by using a dropdown field.

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Total Up Item Quantities by Using a Drop Down Feature

How to Add Multiple Items by Using a Dropdown Field

Here’s a scenario: Let’s say you decide to set up a Wufoo form that includes event registration, and you have a price set for each person attending. Your unknown is how many people someone may register. For example, one person may register 10 people at once, so you’ll need a way to calculate the total number and give the person the price of all the registrants.

Can Wufoo do it for you?

Solution: Use a dropdown box

Wufoo is a form builder first and a payment processor second, so there isn’t a function that will automatically add up the total for you. However, you can easily set this up by building a dropdown box with multiples of various quantities. For example, say each ticket cost $10. You could program in dropdown box options with quantities that include 1, 5, 10, 20, etc.

Although you cannot do multiplication in Wufoo for these types of scenarios, you can simulate it by using a dropdown field, as we just explained. Wufoo also has some pretty handy payment settings, which you can learn how to set up here.

What if you’re just collecting orders, but you don’t need a payment feature?

Let’s say you’re just collecting orders, but you’re not processing payments on your form. You can build in the fields side-by-side and make it look slick with our CSS keywords feature.

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