Integrate Google Analytics for Goal Tracking

We’ll show you how to integrate Google analytics so that you can track conversions and goals in Google analytics.

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Integrate Google Analytics for Goal Tracking

How to Integrate Google Analytics with Wufoo for Goal Tracking

Are you interested in using Google Analytics on your Wufoo pages to keep track of goals and monitor conversions? We’ll show you two ways to use Google Analytics with Wufoo – we even have a helpful video demonstration from one of our Wufoo users!

Option 1: Embed the form on your site with Google Analytics

The first way is to simply embed the Wufoo form on your own website, and then place the Google Analytics tracking code on the site. Using this method, you’ll be sending all of the leads to your website and using Google to track them.

Option 2: Include a JavaScript file using a workaround

If you’re looking to have Google Analytics directly on the page, watch this nifty video, submitted by one of our users. There are a few steps involved to do the workaround, but it’s necessary because our security protocols mandate that we can’t allow JavaScript snippets on public forums.

Track away!