How to get started with Wufoo (in less than a minute)

The quick guide to designing your very first form

Not already signed up for Wufoo? Let's get started!

How to get started with Wufoo (in less than a minute)

So you just joined Wufoo, WELCOME!

With Wufoo, you can create anything from payment forms to contact forms to newsletter signup forms to event registration forms! The web form possibilities are endless — and we’re super excited for you to get into the account and create forms that are easy, fast, and fun to make!

It’s easy! If you’ve got pre-form jitters (it’s a thing), no worries — there’s no need to be nervous! You have plenty of Wufoo resources right at your fingertips. To make things easier right from the get go, our Template Gallery gives you 400+ templates to choose from. Creating a registration form? Here’s a great one! Need a contact form? We’ve got you covered.

If you already know what form you want, adding fields is easy. Choose from 19 different field types to construct the perfect form to fit your needs.

It’s fast! It takes seconds to create a form — after you login, click the green “New Form” button in the top right corner and voila! You’ve just started your form. With our drag and drop feature, you can quickly add fields to your form with no coding required!

It’s fun! With all of our features and design options, no form you create will be boring. With the Theme Designer, you can customize your form to your heart’s content. Or, if you’re in a hurry, quickly add one of our six out-of-the-box themes to any of your forms.

And just like that — you’ve created your first form. Congrats! Now it’s time to share that form with the world and start collecting entries. With the Share page, you can quickly and easily share your form via email and social media, or grab the code to embed the form directly on your website.

Still need a bit more inspiration? We’re here to help! Check out our help center.

Happy Form Building!