Hide/show the Submit Button

If you want to hide/change how the submit button on your form appears, we’ll show you the workaround. We’ll also show you how to add a “clear” button.

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Hide/show the Submit Button

A Workaround for the Hide/Show the Submit Button on Forms

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that users complete your form before they submit it, we can show you a nifty little trick; currently, we don’t have a way to hide the Submit button, but in the Form Builder, you can add a required Yes checkbox below the terms and conditions. Users will have to complete the form and select the box before they submit the form.

The Yes checkbox is a great workaround, and we think you’ll find it super helpful!

Print/clear forms

We don’t offer a button that allows people to print the forms after they complete it, but if you’d like to build in a way for people to clear the form, use a basic HTML link in a section break at the bottom of the form. Target the link to the form’s URL and name the link “Clear form” – or something similar. This will build in the feature for you.