How to use flexible File Upload field limits

Allow your customers to collect bigger files, and more of them, with any Wufoo form.

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How to use flexible File Upload field limits

How to use flexible File Upload field limits

We’re all about the power of a good form, but – let’s admit it – some requests just can’t be answered with a text field or a checkbox. For just this reason, many of you regularly collect images and documents from your customers using the super handy File Upload field.

In fact, you’ve quickly made File Upload one of Wufoo’s most popular features. This month, the much-used, much-loved field is getting even better with new, exciting options. Now, your customers can send you bigger files and more of them with any Wufoo form!

__Bigger uploads: Collect huge, high-definition files__

If you’re on a paid plan, get ready for the previous limit on the size of uploaded files – 10 MB – to go up in smoke. While 10 MB is certainly nothing to sneeze at, it did keep out a few huge files that might actually have been hugely important. Not anymore. Now, the sky – or at least 25 MB – is the limit.

Take the hypothetical recycled Bicycle Sculpture Contest. We want our entrants to attach a truly magnificent photo of their sculpture to their entry form. These people are artists, so that could very well mean straying into the high-definition territory above 10 MB. Luckily, huge files are no longer an issue.


__More uploads: Collect heaps of files with one form__

Now, one photo hardly does a great recycled bicycle sculpture justice. What if one of our Bicycle Sculpture Contest entrants wants to upload multiple photos of their sculpture from different angles? Luckily, that’s no longer a problem either.

Previously, you could accept up to 20 MB of files with one form. That number worked well for most uses, but put a very real limit on the number of files you could request from customers. We decided to increase that number five fold. Now, you can accept up to 100 MB of files with any Wufoo form.

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__More choice: You set the limits on file size__

You also have more control with the new File Upload options. Now, you set the limits on file size on a form-by-form, field-by-field basis. You’ll choose whether the File Upload field will accept files up to 10 MB or up to 25 MB. You’ll also choose whether each form will accept files up to 20 MB or 100 MB in total.

Say we want to accept exactly 10 images of each entrant’s bicycle sculpture. First, we’ll set the total upload limit on our form to 100 MB. Then, to stay below that limit, we’ll limit each individual File Upload field to 10 MB. Now it’s time to sit back and watch all those beautiful sculpture photos roll in!

__Mix and match file sizes__

Alright, that’s a ton of photos of bicycle sculptures. Let’s backpedal a little bit. To get a good idea of each entrant’s project, all we really need is one great photo and a copy of the artist’s statement. Luckily, with the new File Upload options, it’s as easy to scale your uploads down as it is to scale them up.

To save space and speed things up for our friendly bicycle sculptors, let’s start from scratch with just two File Upload fields: one for the photo and one for the artist’s statement. The first, we’ll set at 25 MB to allow for super high-definition photos. The second, we’ll limit to just 10 MB.

__Let’s get started!__

Whew. Entries are in and we’ve crowned a winner – just in time to plan the parade and national tour. Our work is never done, but we won’t distract you from yours any longer!

These exciting new File Upload options are available with our Bona Fide plan and higher. If you’d like to learn a bit more about how our new File Upload options work, check out our help center or get in contact. We’d love to hear your feedback!