Customize the Confirmation Email with Driving Directions

Learn how to customize the confirmation email with specific driving directions to/from an event.

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Customize the Confirmation Email with Driving Directions

How to Customize a Confirmation Email with Driving Directions

If you have an event with a location that you don’t want to give out until people confirm, or if you want to give people exact directions from their location to your event, you can program the settings in the confirmation email so that it sends out driving directions. In the example we’ll show, we’re using Google driving directions, so the email is pulling from Google maps. You’ll need to have the starting address and destination address to set this up.

First, pinpoint the URL for Google maps

You will configure these settings in Templating and URL Modification. The first step is to enter in your directions via Google maps (or another mapping service online) and capture the URL. For example:

Replace Start with the user’s address submission and End with the location of your event. So the finished HTML string you’d put in the confirmation email would look something like this:

Driving directions!

These directions would provide directions to the destination (we used the White House here, for fun) from a user’s address, provided you replace all the “x’s” in each {entry:Fieldx} with the API ID numbers of each of the address fields on your form.

That’s all there is to it! Your confirmation emails will be fully customized to get users from their exact location to the event.