Confirming the Email Field

Create a confirm email box by programming it in through Wufoo’s API.

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Confirming the Email Field

How to Create a Confirm Email Field

How many times have you had users submit their email, only to later realize that they incorrectly inputted their email address? A confirm email field requires people to input their email twice, ensuring that it is entered in correctly. This feature can also be used for important information that you need to ensure the accuracy of, such as a phone number or ID number.

Currently in our program, if you input your own code for a confirm email feature, it won’t work correctly. Inputting the script into the form fields and source code will be stripped out or cause the builder to break – this happens because our programs rely heavily on JSON.

The workaround solution to add a confirm email box

Don’t get frustrated if you’re having a hard time trying to add the script or source code directly into the form fields – it is still possible to add the confirm email feature! To do it, you’ll need to program through our API. To check the form once it’s submitted (ensuring that both emails match), you can configure your site to compare the fields. The submission process is handled on your site and servers with the API, so you can choose how you want to validate the data before it goes to our site.