Instantly Create Google Contacts from Wufoo with Zapier

Automatically add new contacts to your Google Contacts using Wufoo and Zapier.

Not already signed up for Wufoo? Let's get started!

Instantly Create Google Contacts from Wufoo with Zapier

If you collect form submissions through Wufoo and have ever wanted to send them to Google Contacts as Contacts, you can now do that with the help of Zapier.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Getting your accounts ready

To connect your Google Contacts account to Zapier, you will need to have ownership of the contact group you wish to connect.

To link a Wufoo form to Google Contacts using Zapier, make sure you have created a form on Wufoo. You can learn more about getting started with Wufoo on Zapier here.

Connecting your accounts

Click here to create Google Contacts from Wufoo form entries.

1. Choose your Wufoo account from the drop-down menu, or connect a new account.

2. Enter your Wufoo **login email**, **password**, and **account name**, and click **Save + Continue**.

![Zapier Wufoo Setup](

3. Select which form to use to create Google Calendar events using the **Form** drop-down.

![Zapier Wufoo Form Select](

4. Click **Save + Continue**.

5. Select an existing Google account, or connect a new account by providing your **login email** and **password**.

![Zapier Google account select](

6. When Zapier asks for access, click **Allow**.

7. Select the **Contact Group** you’d like to add new contacts to.

8. Match the fields you want from your Wufoo form to populate Google Contacts fields.

9. Click **Save + Finish** to complete the Zap.

Now test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you’re satisfied with the results, you’re all set to create Google Contacts from your Wufoo form entries.

*Note: If you ever want to change this Google Contacts and Wufoo integration, just go to your Zapier dashboard and tweak anything you’d like.*

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