Auto Populate Forms

Learn how to auto-populate your forms in Wufoo by setting up default values and by passing values through a URL.

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Auto Populate Forms

How to Auto Populate Your Wufoo Forms

Are you interested in learning a time-saving feature in Wufoo? How does auto-populating sound? Learn how Wufoo can auto-populate parts of your form, saving you and your users time.

There are two ways to do this.

Method 1: Set up default values

The first way is fairly straightforward – you’ll simple set up the default values in the form builder for most of the fields. But say you’d like to take it a step further …

Method 2: Auto populate through a URL

Before we explain how to do the second method, we feel a bit of an explanation is necessary.

Basically, when you use the URL values, the data is being populated into the form via variables that you set in the link. So, just by going to that link, Wufoo will look at the link and know that it needs to have the values pre-filled in. Keep in mind that it’s not pulling from a database, but the link itself. This means for it to work, you have to set it up so that you generate a link based on the values in your database. You’ll need to do some scripting to enter in the values you want pulled.

Set-up Tip: On the Code Manager page, click the “Code” button beneath the name of the form, and then click the “API Information” button at the top right of the Code Manager page. The API information page will list out the IDs associated with your form fields.

Auto-populate away!