Attach an Image to a Contact Form

With paid accounts, your users can attach images to contact forms.

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Attach an Image to a Contact Form

How to Attach an Image to a Contact Form

Wouldn’t it be cool if your Wufoo users could attach an image to your contact form when they fill it out? Well, it turns out, they can, and it’s simple to do.

First off, to have this feature, you need to have a paid account. (Paying accounts do have their perks, what can we say?) On the form, you’ll see the File Upload field – this is where the magic happens. Here are the types of files users can submit:

  • Wufoo allows almost all file types, except potentially malicious files – such as .exe or other files that may cause harm
  • Each file upload field is limited to 10MB per submission
  • Each form can only have up to 20MB submitted at one time

Once your users upload a file, you’ll be able to view it in the Entry Manager. In the notification email you receive, you’ll also see the file link there, and you don’t even have to log in to retrieve it!