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Form Rules Make Forms Rule!

By Mike Wong · November 12th, 2013

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve created a form and want the Notification emails to send to different people based on a particular field choice? Or wanting to send your respondents a custom email based on their submitted answers? In this round of Tips & Tricks we’ll go more in depth on how to achieve this and more with the Form Rules feature available to our paid plans!

Notification Emails

A common example of using the form rules to send notification emails is to direct the notifications to specific departments or supervisors within an organization. In our demo example, we’re going to provide our respondents the option of choosing to direct their entry to a specific team member at the booming startup,

A drop down field that can be used to trigger notification emails.

The Rules

With the form built it’s time to head over to the Rule Builder. You can access the Rule Builder for each form in your account by clicking the Rules button of the form row from the main Form Manager view.

You can find the Rules button from the Form Manager view.

Once in the Rule Builder section, we’ll click on the Form Rules tab, and then get down to business. Here is where we’ll create a separate rule for each of the choices available within our drop down field. In each rule, we’ll also choose the option to Send Email, select our email type, as well as define the address to send the notification email too.

Form Rule Notifications

A good thing to keep in mind? It’s possible to send these notification emails to more than one address at a time. You’ll just need to separate each additional email address with a comma. Check it out:

Confirmation Emails

Confirmation emails are the messages that are sent back to your respondents once they submit an entry to your form. To set these up, all that’s required is that your form have an email field (naturally!). Once that’s established, you’ll have the confirmation option available from the email type drop-down.

At the illustrious, John B. Smith handles support requests while John Q. Smith is Lead Feline Supervisor. With respect to that, we’re going to configure custom confirmation emails based on our drop-down field and their roles.

Pro Tip!

You’ll notice that within the Confirmation Messages we used our Templating feature for added personalization.

In every confirmation message setup box (as well as within the confirmation message features) you’ll find hyperlinks that lead directly to both the Templating Help Center page, as well as a link that goes directly to the API Information page for your form.

It’s in this second link where you’ll be able to find the field IDs for your form so you can call back the value entered by your respondents. In this case we’re calling out the First Name field in order to address our form users directly.

Super Special Notes

When a Form Rule is triggered to send a Notification and/or Confirmation email, they will overrule any settings within the Form Settings tab of the Builder, or the Notification Settings page respectively. Keeping this in mind, if you want all notification emails to go to a standard address as well as a variable address you’ll add it to the rule as shown above.

Also, with each submission only a single rule of each email type can be activated at a time. What does this mean exactly? If you have more than one form rule and an entry satisfies more than one of those rules, then Wufoo will send the Notification Email only to the very last Notification Email rule that meets the condition.

And there you have it!

I hope this cannon ball into the Form Rules feature serves you well, form friends. If you’ve any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below. For any questions, be sure to reach out to us and say howdy!

Until next time…

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  1. Any chance you’re looking into multiple rules ability in the future? Either that or workflows would be a great addition…

    Posted 5 months ago by Phil Wylie.
  2. The only annoying thing is that we pay but Sender name is alway from

    We pay but you guys still want to have a free marketing on our content???? That is really NOT FAIR

    Give us the option to SEND from our own email using the service such as Mandrill or Amazon Transactional email service

    Posted 5 months ago by Hung.
  3. You should also provide option to create mails based on days. For Eg:We are a tour company based in India and wanted to send few automated mailers to customer 2-3 days after they submitted a request using the wufoo form and currently there is not automated way to do it . If you can give No of days as a pivot, then we can use Wufoo itself to do few automated mailers instead of using a CRM

    Posted 5 months ago by Iris.
  4. and adding coupons is ridiculously hard… for a form company, why isnt this a normal option by now

    Posted 5 months ago by James T.Kirk.
  5. One thing that I would like to see is compound field rules. e.g. If field1 is either choice 1 or 2, AND this field2 is choice a, b or c, then show this field3.

    Right now, I have to have a rule that states, if field 1 is not 3, and field 1 is not 4, and field 2 is not D and field 2 is not E then show field 3.

    The problem is that field 3 is displayed on load until I select a value in field 1 or 2. Then it will evaluate the rules and hide field 3 or keep it displaying.

    Any thoughts on adding something like this into the WuFoo family of field rules?

    Posted 5 months ago by Mags.
  6. Wufoo team, I”m sorry everyone is beating you up so bad in these comments, I on the other hand am THRILLED to have read this article as I did not know how to use Rules. I was literally coming into Wufoo to set up my notification emails differently to then have my Outlook inbox forward the forms to different people using Outlook rules. So i am over the moon happy to find out that Wufoo Rules work great and were super easy to set up.

    I love your product and am happy to discover more and more features like this the more I get to know Wufoo. I have to say that the only reason I found this article was the pop-up notice when I logged in, which you guys do a great job at educating your users via that feature. I know a lot of other web-based software tools could stand to do better in this area, so good job there!

    THANK YOU for all you do!! :)

    Posted 5 months ago by Lisa Gray.
  7. Thanks, this is awesome!

    Posted 4 months ago by Dankobert.
  8. Thanks for all you do Wufoo! I can’t say thank you enough!

    Customer service blow everything out of the water…Yes there could be more features, Yes I feel that the forms should be much much easier to manage, but overall a big PLUS to you for great service.

    Hopefully with my paid( and others) subscription you can add those cool features! Nothing is free.


    Posted 4 months ago by Dom Fraser.
  9. Hello,

    Two questions:

    1. Are the letters used in the form rules case sensitive?
    2. If I wanted to program a range of values, for example, a-z, do I have to make an OR statement for each letter?

    Thank you!

    Posted 3 months ago by Jeff Cremer.
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