10 big moments in our first 10 years

Happy Wufoo-versary! We're celebrating 10 years and millions of forms, thanks to you.

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It’s been over 10 years now since Wufoo took its first baby dinosaur steps in 2006. While we’ve had countless adventures and exciting accomplishments since then, it never hurts to look back in time now and then, right? Wufoo Decasaurus wide

Here are a few (okay, 10 to be exact) of our favorite Wufoo moments (and we hope yours too) from the past decade!

  1. The launch of our API support in 2006. We helped both developers and everyday customers get even more out of Wufoo. Learn more →
  2. Wufoo first went global in 2007, supporting multilingual forms in 13 languages. ¡Olé! Check it out →
  3. We started giving you more ways to make money by integrating payments in 2007! Proceed to checkout →
  4. Hello, templates! We kicked off our form template gallery in 2007 (spoiler alert and, more recently, our re-launch in 2016). Thus began an era of us making it even easier to help customers create expert forms. Check out the original post, and our newly refreshed template gallery.
  5. As the world started going multi-screen, we followed suit. In 2009, Wufoo launched mobile responsive forms. We love all visitors, no matter what device they choose to tap on!
  6. Our API Contest in 2010 got customers everywhere using the new REST API for some pretty creative things, including a custom-made battle axe as first prize. The contest yielded iPhone/Android apps, a Wordpress plugin, and plenty of social buzz. Peruse the contest details, review the winners, and take a gander at some pretty photos.
  7. 2011 was extra super special. That’s the year we joined the SurveyMonkey team of course and it continues to be an awesome ride, form fans.Wufoo SurveyMonkey Hug
  8. Guides, guides, everywhere. Wufoo Guides was born in 2014. The following year’s rollout provided customers with a suite of resources that go beyond form templates. Wufoo Guides continues to empower the next generation of form designers with tips, tools, and more for use-cases of all types.
  9. 2015 was a boom year. Why? We processed more than $600M in payments. This was a representation of how we’re able to bring small businesses even closer to their goals. Check out our payment integrations →
  10. Thanks to each and every one of you, we received the "top rated survey tool" award from TrustRadius (a perfect way to complete 10 years of supporting creation of forms). Here’s what we learned, and what it means to you →

We’re proud to have created a ton of product improvements and innovations for you over the last decade. Our hope is that we’ve helped you quickly gather data easily, elegantly, and that you’ve had fun in the process (yes, forms can be fun!)

The team has had a long-kept tradition of sitting down weekly with pen and paper to write, yes write out Thank You cards to each of our customers.

Nowadays, it’s gotten harder to write to each and every one of you (a good problem to have). But, if you give us another 10 years, we’ll do our darndest to bring that tradition back! Until then, dear form fans -- thank you from the very bottom of our dinosaur hearts.


The Wufoo Team