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Form Folders - Feature Request

  • Hello Wufoo,

    I have a lot of forms.

    Can you guys make a feature to create folders to archive the forms?


    Create a button to hide forms that you don't want to see?

    I want this feature because I do not want to erase the data from old forms and, because of having so many forms, it is hard to navigate through the interface.

    If any other person that reads this post also would like this feature in Wufoo; Digg me up!



    PS: I owe you guys a beer keg for being so awesome!
  • nevada_toddnevada_todd October 2010
    I'll buy you a keg of beer too if you can implement this feature! We REALLY need a way to organize forms into folders and hide inactive forms. As we start bringing more people in our organization into the wonderful world of Wufoo we have to be able to keep things organized. It's getting out of control. Help!!!!
  • Great Idea Todd!!
  • bleedingtreebleedingtree October 2010
    oooooohhhh, yea. Would be handy.
  • Andrew+GosnellAndrew Gosnell October 2010
    It is something we'd like to eventually add, but right now it's not on our short-term development schedule, sorry.

    One thing to note is that sorting by Entries Today also does a secondary sort in alphabetical order, which can sometimes help.
  • Thanks Andrew for getting back to us.

    You are right, sorting does help, but it is not a feature that I use.

    Since I have so many forms, I find it hard to easily identify the one form that I want to work with.

    Maybe archiving extra forms in different folders might be a mediocre solution. And, instead we should look at the layout and colors to fix this UI complication.

  • rbasurbasu October 2010
    Perhaps a short-term fix for finding (but not archiving) forms in a long list would be to add an on-demand pure alphabetical sort in addition to the date sort options. Or, possibly, a button to hide non-public forms from the current list display?
  • I like the idea of hiding Public vs Non-Public Forms.

    That could be an easier short-term fix.

    I second this!
  • ADavisADavis October 2010
    I agree that adding folders would be a great development!
  • debradebra November 2010
    I second that emotion! I agree that this is an area where the wondrous world of Wufoo could be a smidge better, and agree with my friends out there that there are many potential ways to improve this user experience.
  • jcjadejcjade November 2010
    Folders or a way to tag and filter by them would be great.
  • westwest January 2011
    Yes, Folders would be an amazing feature! Please consider moving this up the list in priority as it would make very happy form managers :)

    Also, if the name of the forms and the title were separate then it would be easier to use our own naming conventions to manage forms. However, we currently have to choose a name that is both public friendly and internally friendly. This is difficult in some cases.
  • Jen+BjersJen Bjers January 2011
    Hi west - we do agree that better organization is needed in the managers and we do have plans to eventually implement this. Right now, it's not in current development but we do have some really great ideas.

    About the naming conventions - one thing you can consider, if you're embedding the forms on websites would be to remove the form title from the embedded form. That way you can name the form whatever you'd like. We have instructions on how to do this here:
  • Guys, the folders feature needs to be added soon.

    Think about it - I am at a point where I am VERY hesitant to SCALE UP my usage of Wufoo because I am dealing with too many forms, and quite frankly, it's scary.

    In a way this problem is capping your power users from growing into the product further.
  • marktcolemanmarktcoleman February 2013
    Do people who work at Wufoo use folders to organize the files on their computers? This is a very basic feature that should exist and customers have been requesting for three years. We want to track project risks, issues and change orders across multiple clients and it sure would be nice to organize these forms and reports with a folder for each client.
  • ruetenikrobinruetenikrobin February 2013
    I am in 110% total agreement that this is a badly-needed feature. I am stunned Wufoo developers haven't implemented this yet.
  • glockopsglockops December 2013
    Again, we have a really good idea from MANY, MANY years ago that would allow you to easily push users into more expensive plans (e.g. this could be a CARPE DIEM and higher feature).
  • ruetenikrobinruetenikrobin December 2013
    And yet, here we sit THREE years (or more) after being brought to their attention. Andrew says it's not on the short-term dev list; apparently it's not on the long term list, either.

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