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Event Registration Made Easy with MobiCheckin & Wufoo

By Kate Brennan · January 8th, 2013

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The holidaze may be over but that doesn’t mean the party needs to stop. Events and big get-togethers are year-round affairs and if you’ve ever been responsible for organizing one- then listen up! This integration is for you.

MobiCheckin is an easy, innovative way people check-in for events using their mobile phone. With its mobile first approach, attendees no longer have to fumble with paper tickets at the door. It also works offline in case connectivity challenges arise at the event.

Thanks to the integration with Wufoo, attendees can now register with their mobile phones just as easily for the event. They simply fill out the Wufoo form and are automatically added to the guest list with MobiCheckin. In a few clicks, an email arrives with a unique QR code that can be scanned at the event door. Boom - easy event registration and check-in all available with MobiCheckin!

To Use This Integration

  1. You’ll need an account on Wufoo as well as one on MobiCheckin. Wufoo has both free and paid plans and MobiCheckin offers a free product for up to 150 event attendees.

  2. Create a form on Wufoo or add one to your account from our gallery, including the appropriate event registration information.

  3. Follow this instructional video on how to integrate that form into your MobiCheckin account:

Big shout-outs are due to Sébastien Saunier, Tristan Verdier and the team at MobiCheckin for their hard work on this integration! Looking to join up your web app with Wufoo? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide for Integrating with Wufoo!

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