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Fillable PDF

  • denisedenise April 2011
    If I have a PDF with Fillable fields, can I use Wufoo to collect that data? If so, how?
  • I'm investigating this as well. You can use Wufoo to collect the data you want to gather for a PDF. If you have Acrobat Pro you can import data collected via Wufoo that you exported out to a Tab Delimited File using Wufoo's Bulk Actions from the Entries Manager.

    What I want to know is how could I automate this process so that I can have my PDF pull from my form's database somehow automatically. The data Wufoo obtains for me is awesome, but I want to export it out into a slick looking PDF I created. I know how to manually do this as I described in the above paragraph, but finding a way to automate this would be even better.

    Suggestions anyone?
  • denisedenise April 2011
    This is good to for reporting... but I am comfortable in manipulating excel to create reports. I often set one page as excel data, and on the other page in excel formatted to look nice and pull data form that first page. That way when my monthly reports need to be updated, I just change the first excel page, and the formatted 2nd is done.

    What I would like to do is have a PDF with FILLABLE Fields ONLINE, and have users submit that data in the PDF routed into a Wufoo database. WUFOO forms are really good, but some of mine get so complicated and intricate withing the Wufoo design limits (which are GREAT for most of my needs), a PDF would be much easier in some instances, I just don't know how to make that data collectable.
  • quimiquimi April 2011
    I'm also very interested on how to implement an auto-fill pre-designed PDF form with user data - that can be directed by url or mail to the user.
  • drycreekdrycreek June 2011
    I am interested in having items populate a pdf with fillable forms. I sure a programmer can do this but is there a path in place to assist. This has got to be an often requested feature in Wufoo.
  • Jen+BjersJen Bjers June 2011
    Hi drycreek, looks like we tackled this question in support - in the spirit of sharing, I will add it to this thread :)

    While we don't have PDF generation as a built in feature, what you're asking for could be accomplished by utilizing a few of our core features in addition to a third party set up for the PDF generation.

    In many cases it's possible to pre-populate PDF Fields from a URL string. On our paid plans one of our confirmation options is a URL redirect for the user to a link you provide ( This link can be customized via our templating feature to include the desired user submitted data in a way that syncs up with your PDF form. Additional information on templating and URL modifications can be found at the following links:

    Also, here's an article that provides more insight to the process:

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