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Section 508 compliance

  • cranbocranbo March 2011
    Both the Wufoo Features and Wufoo Education pages say that Wufoo is "508 Accessibility Compliant".

    Considering that Wufoo has neither issued a VPAT nor formally documented how the system (or the forms that is creates) are accessible, how does Wufoo support this claim?

    What parts of your system support Section 508 requirements, and how?
    How have you verified accessibility? What testing have you done, with what methodology and what products? Have any external providers verified the accessibility of your product?

    In fact, a simple test form that I created with just default form elements fails even a basic Sec508 automated accessibility evaluation using Cynthia Says as well as eGovMon (just two examples of free, decent tools). I'd be happy to share the testing and results offline.

    I love Wufoo, but if your company can't address these questions, you are deceiving your customers and putting the ones that use Wufoo for web forms at risk for being out of Section 508 compliance!

    I know the Wufoo team is developing code using web standards, but I recommend that you look more closely at how you are delivering your solutions.

    Please please PLEASE take a look more closely at these issues; addressing them would make what is a great product already probably the best in the field, not to mention open up new markets.
  • cranbocranbo April 2011
    I did get a reply from Jen on 3/28 saying that Wufoo's compliance guy is working on a response. Looking forward to updates. If I don't hear anything before then, I will check back around 4/28.
  • cranbocranbo April 2011
    In some ways, happy to hear that SurveyMonkey has acquired Wufoo. SurveyMonkey has done a good job building in accessibility into their survey forms, and I hope the Wufoo team will follow their lead.

    Still, I'd like to hear an official statement about Wufoo's 508 compliance as I described earlier.
  • cranbocranbo June 2011
    OK, checking in again on 6/21. Any further updates on the Section 508 compliance of Wufoo? I would like to see some kind of statement about the accessibility of the product.

    Now that Wufoo is part of SurveyMonkey, I hope that SurveyMonkey can help apply some focus to accessibility of Wufoo, as SurveyMonkey is keenly aware of the needs of accessibility in government and higher education.
  • Cranbo, I've tried responding to your emails, but they seem to be bouncing back. Are you getting them?

    We don't currently have any 508 compliance checklist or anything like that. We did do some work on the VPAT form a while back, but after the SurveyMonkey purchase, we'll have to check and see exactly what the status of that is.
  • cranbocranbo June 2011
    Hi Andrew,
    No I have not. I have updated my email address in my profile, and I should be receiving them now.

    Thanks for the update, I look forward to the VPAT or another Section 508 accessibility statement. Really both are closely related: they both should describe how specifically Wufoo supports accessibility criteria (example: through semantic HTML, labeling of form fields, verification that Wufoo forms work with assistive technology, enabling users to select colors to provide sufficient color contrast, etc.)
  • cranbocranbo September 2011
    Any updates on this?
  • cranbocranbo September 2011
    Oops double post
  • cranbocranbo March 2012
    Just checking in again, it's been one year. What is the update on Wufoo's accessibility statement? Using a VPAT would help demonstrate that Wufoo's forms really are 508 compliant.
  • cranbocranbo January 2013
    Any update on Wufoo's accessibility statement? Almost another year gone by.

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