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  • izbuhizbuh February 2010
    Great application but isn't possibile to use in a production/business area because your company name is view in every email sent:

    I hope to see in next future, in the control panel, the possibility to change or hide your email; pay more 50$ every month and create free marketing for WuFoo is not more correct/professional.

  • Alex+VazquezAlex Vazquez March 2010
    Thanks for the suggestion. We agree and are looking at several solutions for this problem.
  • akisok2akisok2 April 2010
    Has there been any progress on this issue / suggestion? I am tempted to cancel my new subscription because of this shortcoming.
  • I'm sorry, but there has not been any progress on this issue as of yet. The reason we're hesitant to allow for this feature is because of potential issues with spam when you send mail from an address unassociated with your domain. We send out a lot of email, and we are constantly working on increasing the delivery rate of the emails that are sent out. We will continue to look into this request, but I'm afraid we cannot guarantee its implementation.
  • savsav April 2010
    One way would be to allow the user to enter their own mail server information to change the From address. That way Wufoo's delivery rates would not be affected if the user chose to use their own mail server to send out notifications.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, Sav, and we'll look into that.
  • shermandshermand May 2010
    +1 on this. Currently all forms submitted by wufoo are being treated as spam by Zendesk.
  • euphemuseuphemus May 2010

    Maybe some smart cookie could come up with a piece of middleware that processes email triggers from the Wufoo API and hooks into some script that users can install on their own webserver to process the triggers and send the emails out? In fact, I hereby patent that concept - it could work with so many of the popular web platforms like Basecamp, Freshbooks, Campaign Monitor etc. It would be called MailSquirt. Job done :P
  • We still have plans to look into this, but we don't have any immediate plans to implement this feature.

  • mwatkinsmwatkins July 2010
    I will also +1 this.

    Now that webhooks is integrated into Wufoo - we can probably do a custom work-around for this - just is more work.

    However, it'd be so much nicer to have the ability to just set it up much like you would with an email provider - setting up SenderID, SPF and DKIM/DomainKeys or something similar.
  • motoristsmotorists September 2010
    Another +1 here. We've had consistent problems with Wufoo confirmation emails not showing up and/or people getting confused by the address.
  • izbuhizbuh September 2010
    news? at least change with a generic domain... wufoo is a funny name and doesn't identify a serious service (when I receive an email from wofoo always give me impression to spam or sex advertising).
  • dxtestdxtest May 2011
    Any update on this? Its been a year since this was raised... why dont we let the users decide if they want to use their own mail server or wufoo, rather than not having the option at all. It would make all the paid users sooo happy.
  • hanhihanhi May 2011
    I second this. If you want to keep YOUR name on OUR emails, pls use some other name than Wufoo - it doesnt look so professional in our b2b business.

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